21 and Older, Please

What do you think about this site, 21 Sextury? The other day I was on some review boards and came across this site. To me it seems really unnecessary to have these poverty stricken women from Eastern Europe dosed-up on the newest drug, and have them perform acts of such debauchery.

I decided to take a look at some of their introductory content, and I found it to be quite disturbing, actually. For example, they take a pretty girl and have her gang-banged by three huge studs. Her eyes are half-massed and she looks like she’s barely awake. The sad part of all of this is that these guys are literally having their way with her. Not just vaginally and orally, but in her ass. I mean, for goodness sakes… how many dicks does it take to get off on one girl. All of her holes are filled – and filled hard.

I can only imagine what these women do or think when they finally come off of their drug high. I can’t imagine the down-right pain that these girls feel physically and emotionally.

However, some of you perverts may be into that type of porn. If you are, here’s a 21 Sextury discount for you to save a few bucks or Euros.