No, it’s not a crime to have a passion about finding excellent deals on the internet. One of the best ways in finding bargains is looking on the internet. Gone are the days of clipping newspaper ads to find the hottest deal. In fact, they have web applications that now find the best savings for the product that you’re looking for.

These products are similar to those hotel sites that pop-up on the internet claiming to find the best hotel, air and car deal for you. One of these sites is called Deal News. Not only does this save time for the consumer, but it also prevents them for having to get carpel tunnel syndrome while cutting out coupons.

In addition, I hate going to sites like Retail Me Not. When you go there you find all these coupons that purport to have excellent savings. Unfortunately, many of these sites a run down with spam. Have you ever tried using one of those coupons just to have it not work or it’s expired. I feel like these spammers do this on purpose just to irritate me. Let’s be honest, what’s the point of putting coupons that don’t work? I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I’m excited about these new sites/applications and I hope you are too.